David Krant

David Krant

Dating Writer & Site Founder

Over 15 years ago, David Krant graduated with a Master’s in Human Resources from the University of Oklahoma. He started his career as an HR assistant and became an HR coordinator. However, though he had a successful career, he needed a hobby as well, and it was online dating. His knowledge of human behavior made him not just a regular user of online dating apps but an expert who analyzes people’s behavior and self-representation in the community where everyone’s looking for new relationships. In 2 years of his experience, David realized two things. It’s possible to categorize people on dating sites, and it’s possible to categorize dating sites.

He started reading more literature on the topic, attending conferences and reaching experts until he finally decided to take a more serious step and found DatingSites.org. With the dating enthusiasts he hired and using all his experience and experience and skills, David Krant started sharing his own methodology and interesting findings that you can see on this site. All these materials are aimed at proving that online dating is actually easy and fun experience that shouldn’t be stigmatized, time-consuming, or exhausting.

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